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ACLC's "Honesto"

by B.S. Carbonell, November 10, 2013   

 "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." -Thomas Jefferson 

Without honesty we would be termed characterless. Honesty is one of the building blocks of good character and character is what establishes who we are and what we are going to achieve. Honesty is the cornerstone of character. If one is found wanting in honesty he will be found lacking in character as well. 

As a teacher, it's uplifting when you receive Facebook notifications like this:  

The wall post was from a high school friend whom I haven't seen for years. She was referring to our student Ian Kristoffer Gracela, a Business Office Administration and Services freshmen. Just a few weeks ago, Ian lost his father due to illness and his family was suffering from financial crises, but he still chooses to return the lost item to its rightful owner. Indeed, Ian’s honesty is amply demonstrated by this simple but tremendous act of honesty. Ian and his classmates know that it’s wrong to take what is not rightfully theirs. 

Honesty may be the most basic of values taught in school, but few people truly have the strength of character to live by it. That's why we are happy to hear uplifting acts of honesty and true pureness of heart from our students.To Ian and company, ACLC Commonwealth is so Proud of you.